Week in the Life: Sam (1st Year Student)


On Monday I have my day off! I spent it studying in the library and working on a PowerPoint for Intersectionality and Superdiversity.


The first picture was taken in Multilingualism class. Check out the view from one of the classrooms! It was the night before my presentation for InterSuper: making flashcards and practicing my text.


In the first picture, I’m waiting in class before my presentation!! Exciting. In the second one, you can see our class/friend group. We are very close as a class! In M&M, there’s many like-minded people. I found amazing friends here. Finally, I took a picture on my way back home from class, back to the train station with my friends.


  1. Walking to class, thought it’d be nice to show you how pretty the campus is.
  2. Another classroom in the small building next to the Academy Building
  3. Walking to our next class together!

After my Multilingualism class (picture 1), with an amazing view from the classroom (picture 2), I ended my study-week at the cafeteria in the Harmony Building, where I’ll usually chill or study between/after classes.

Here’s what a week in my life was as a first-year student of Minorities & Multilingualism. If you’re interested in learning more, consider visiting the Open Day (23 april)!