Webclass M&M finished

In these extraordinary times most of you are probably working, studying or doing whatever at home, since the facilities of the University of Groningen are closed. Almost all aspects of university life are going digital. That also means that prospective students aren’t able to attend open days or programmes like ‘a student for a day’. There are, however, great digital alternatives, such as the digital open day (which we held in webinar format last Friday) and the web class.

A web class can perhaps be seen as a digital equivalent to being a student for a day, though it goes further than that. Web classes are aimed at students that are orienting on a Bachelor programme and who want to try out what a programme is like. Over the course of 4 weeks, the students are given a taste of what Minorities & Multilingualism has to offer, for example by looking at a video of a real lecture and doing a small research project on language learning. They are guided by an enthusiastic web class tutor, who oversees the work and provides feedback and grades. Each year there are two rounds of web classes: one in November and one in March.

Due to the corona-crisis, an extra, third round of web classes was added this year. For Minorities & Multilingualism, a total of 18 students learned about terms like ‘selfing’ and ‘othering’ and got a taste of life as a student of Minorities & Multilingualism. Students joined from different parts in the Netherlands, and also from outside, as far as Alaska!

If you are interested in the phenomenon or want to participate in the next round of web classes, take a look at the video or check out the page of the Scholierenacademie here: https://www.rug.nl/society-business/scholierenacademie/scholieren/webklassen/?lang=en