Stimmen celebrates 10,000 users!

Stimmen celebrates 10,000 users!

Stimmen celebrates 10,000 users!

Hurray! We’ve reached the flattering milestone of 10,000 users of our language app Stimmen! We would like to embrace you in a big thank you for passionately raising awareness for our project through social media and other media outlets.

Sometimes, as an individual, it can be hard to see the results of your actions. But the more individuals you have working together, the easier it becomes to make a difference. And this is exactly what you have been doing by massively downloading the Stimmen app and participating in our real-life language laboratory. The Frisian language has many variants and dialects, and together, you give us the opportunity to provide a snapshot of the rapidly changing linguistic landscape of Fryslân at the start of the 21st century.

What’s next?

So we’ve reached 10,000 users… what’s next? We want to keep our movement growing, of course! The more people we reach, the more we can achieve in our quest to discover and share knowledge about the intriguing phenomenon of multilingualism in the Netherlands and beyond. And despite everything you’ve done for us so far, we’re not too proud to ask for more help.

What can you do to help us find the next 10,000 Stimmen users? Spread the story of our project – in person, online or wherever you may be. Tell your parents, talk to your friends, chat up that random stranger on the bus.

Win a goody bag!

To celebrate the joyous occasion of reaching 10,000 users, we are giving away a goody bag full of Frisian surprises! Go to our Facebook contest to win the goody bag.


In 2018, Fryslân will become a real language laboratory! Next year, Leeuwarden-Fryslân will be the European Capital of Culture of 2018. The partnership Lân fan Taal is an important part of this event. The project “Stimmen fan Fryslân” (Voices of Fryslân) is one of the projects of Lân fan Taal for the European Capital of Culture 2018. Dr. Nanna Haug Hilton, Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics at our department, is the initiator of this project. Visit to read more about the project.