Our Programmes

Most academic programmes in language and culture take the national level as their starting point, ours have their first interest in the margins of Europe and in the non-dominant migrant minority groups in our societies. Our programmes focus, so to speak, on the peripheries of Europe, rather than on the national capitals. We do so because we think that knowledge and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity, as embodied in those subnational and migrant minorities, greatly benefit the whole of society.

Why these programmes?

Students graduated from our programmes will be thoroughly skilled in diversity management and multilingualism.

Our teaching philosophy is that we make our students knowledgeable on the most viable concepts and theories on group formation, language and communication and diversity management. Simultaneously we try to develop critical thinking by comparing and contrasting all kinds of European and non-European ethnolinguistic minorities. A third core element in our teaching philosophy is the hands-on practical approach, applying theoretical knowledge by doing fieldwork during your studies.

Our flexible internship policy, at home and abroad, is directed towards improving the job prospects of our students. The options are diverse and open to a student’s own input. The University opens door to a variety of possible internship places.

Interested in studying Minorities & Multilingualism?

If so then why not attend on one of our information events for prospective students? At our information events you will receive information directly from our lecturers and students, you can ask specific questions, you can talk to our student ambassadors, you will get a taste of the atmosphere and you will meet people who might become your fellow students. Visit the information event page of the University of Groningen or read more about the BA Minorities & Multilingualism or MA Multilingualism.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for the Bachelor’s programme Minorities & Multilingualism, the application deadline is 1 June 2020. The deadline for the Master’s programme Multilingualism is 1 June 2020. For practical information on how to apply visit the University of Groningen website.