Need to fill 30ECTS? Earn your credits with an M&M course!

Are you looking for a way to fill up 30 ECTS of your Bachelor? Perhaps you are not able to go abroad because of the corona measures, or you are still looking for an interesting course, or package of courses, to fill points in your Bachelor programme. At the department of Minorities & Multilingualism, we have created packages of 30 ECTS of our courses on minorities and multilingualism, that you can follow in the first semester of 2020/2021!

Have a look at the page under the “Our Programmes” menu, or click here.

You can enroll for all courses in a package, or sign up for just one or two courses separately. In addition, if you’re interested in Frisian and already speak some Frisian, you can sign up for courses under the Frisian header: history, lingusitics and old-Frisian. If you are interested in Frisian, but do not speak the language (yet), you can sign up for a course for L2 speakers of Frisian, which brings you from A0 (no knowledge) to B2 in one semester. If you are interested in this, send an email to