We are the student association of the bachelor programme Minorities & Multilingualism at the University of Groningen. Our association was founded in 2014 and in its 7-year existence, we have already managed to create a true M&M student community, with its own traditions. Our main activities are Coffee & Cookies, the Christmas dinner and interesting guest lectures, but of course we also like to organise parties and drinks! One of the highlights of the year is the annual trip abroad.

What is Multi?

Multi was founded in 2014 to contribute to the student experience of M&M with a study association. We try to grow along with the programme and create opportunities for Dutch, international and exchange students to be active and get to know each other outside of the programme.

Even though M&M is not a big programme, it is still important to have a student association to bring students of all years in touch with each other by organising fun events, some of which are relevant to our programme. We play a supporting role in creating a well-rounded and fun student- and study environment by offering students an informal environment combining all years. We stand up for small studies like M&M and we want to show that these studies are important and can also create a change within the university.

There is always room for improvement within both the association as well as the programme, so the students are always welcome to make contributions and share their ideas, which we are very grateful for!

What do we do?

The coming years we will continue to help welcome new students so that they feel at home in the programme. During the year we host events for M&M students, international students, but also for the lecturers who will definitely be a part of these events as well. Furthermore, we host events such as pub quizzes, afternoon drinks, guest lectures, parties, or sharing a nice dinner together.

As M&M grows, Multi grows. This means that members get more and more opportunities to become active within the study association. An example of this is the Event Committee which plays a vital role in organizing the trip abroad mentioned earlier. We have multiple committees to be active in. Committees are a great way to create a more extensive network internally which is really important within a small association such as Multi.

Multi plays a role in guiding prospective students and giving them all the information they need, as well as playing a role in the mentorship of the first year-students. By sharing our personal experience and connecting prospective students with M&M students, we hope to minimize the distance between high school and university and hope to welcome as many new M&M students as possible!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Multi Linktree

The cost of a Multi membership is €17,50 per year. Should you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us at the following email address: secretary.multi@gmail.com

Chair Caterina Negri

Chair Caterina Negri

Hello lovely humans! My name is Caterina, I’m a second-year M&M student. Other than being the chair of Multi, I am also the class representative of the second years. Ensuring that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable year is my main goal, together with sustainability. Multi portrayed both these goals for me, and that is why I had to be part of the board this year. I can’t wait for all of us to get to know each other better, through Multi’s committees, clubs, events, and activities. This year we want to ensure that our members can be heard, any new ideas or additions will always be listened to and consequently evaluated. Don’t be afraid to share them with us 🙂 I look forward to meeting you all in the upcoming year!

Secretary Alissa Vogel

Secretary Alissa Vogel

Hey there! My name is Alissa, I’m 20 years old and a second-year M&M student. This year, I have the honor of being Multi’s secretary, the person in charge of the newsletter, our social media, and Multi’s internal communication in general. I’m excited for the coming academic year and look forward to making fun memories with both my fellow board members and everybody else in the study association! You may reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions (for example concerning the newsletter) – I’m always happy to help and to receive some additional input from Multi members. Let’s have a great, memorable year together!



Treasurer Sira Kloke

Treasurer Sira Kloke

Hi, my name is Sira and I’m a second year M&M student. This year I’m the treasurer of Multi, which means that I’m in charge of all the financial decisions of our lovely study association. I’m very fond of our small bachelor program, and I’m happy to be able to support it through Multi. When I entered the program, Multi made me feel very welcomed within the group of M&M students. Being one of the student-mentors, my main goal is to do the same for the next first-year students. I can’t wait to organise fun events and create nice memories with my fellow board and Multi members this year!



Commissioner of External Affairs Ethan Hoekema

Commisionner of External Affairs Ethan Hoekema

Hi, I’m Ethan Hoekema, I’m 19 years old and I’m the second Multi External. I look forward to an exciting new year organising events with my fellow board members Caterina, Sira, and Alissa. Following an entire year of online events, I am ecstatic to hang out with all of our Multi members in person and look forward to making lots of new friends. Although I am not currently following the programme, I really do look forward to rejoining soon. However, in spite of this, I will always feel a part of the Multi family. I look forward to seeing you all this year!