M&M Matching day 2016


Well, it’s that time of the year again! Time for Matching Day, an annual event for prospective students to come and meet with the staff of the M&M department to see if it’s a good match for the of the rest of the study.

This year’s matching day included an introduction to the programme by Nanna Hilton, followed by Albert Everaarts talking a bit about his role as a study advisor.


Multi was also on hand to talk about the student association, an important programme that helps students get to know each other through fun events.

The students were then sent out in groups of three into the city center to do some field research about language usage at different shops. They did a great job presenting their results and one thing we learned from the data that was collected is that not too many people that speak Gronings!

Matching day was closed out by matching conversations, socializing and lunch at De Globe.

By Courtney Bonneau