The people of the Netherlands are considered tolerant and welcoming to diversity in culture and language. The country is very flat so the fact that most people get from A to B by bike makes sense. The country is well organised and full of people eager to help which makes finding things easy, especially because everyone speaks some level of English.

Studying in Groningen

The bachelor programma ‘Minorities and Multilingualism’ is located in Groningen, one of the Netherlands’ most exciting university cities. To learn everything about studying in Groningen, please check the Rijksuniversiteit’s website for international students.

Studying in Leeuwarden

The master programme ‘Multilingualism’ is located on Campus Fryslân, in the Frisian capital of Leeuwarden (Ljouwert). More information about studying in Leeuwarden can be found on the Rijksuniversiteit’s website for Campus Fryslân.

Looking for a quiet place to study on your own or a room to meet other students to work on group projects? The Frisian Historic and Literary Centre Tresoar offers you all the facilities you need in order to get the best out of yourself and your academic studies. Apart from quietness and computer facilities, Tresoar also contains the largest library in Fryslân. It holds a fine and extensive collection of books on linguistics and multilingualism, from which you will be able to collect all the data necessary for you to learn and to write the best papers.

If you want to know more about studying in Leeuwarden, please check the website on studying in Leeuwarden.

Living in Leeuwarden

Unlike in for example Amsterdam, student rooms are reasonably affordable in Leeuwarden. For some €300 students will be able to find a decent place to live. However that is not to say that accommodation is abundant. Start searching in time, for example by checking this website on student housing in Leeuwarden.

Getting around Leeuwarden

Bikes are a big part of Dutch transport. No really, they are everywhere! And distances are small in the city centre of Leeuwarden. From the University Campus to the railway station is only 1 kilometre. The heart of town, where you can find Tresoar, museums and of course a great many stores, pubs and restaurants, is just five to fifteen minutes away from the from the railway station. If you go walking – by bike it is even shorter.

Leeuwarden is well connected with the other parts of the country. Amsterdam and Utrecht are an hour and a half driving and 150 minutes away by train. If you are longing for a day of relaxation along the North Sea, you can be on the island of Terschelling in only two hours from Leeuwarden. Or experience some local culture: out of Fryslân’s eleven cities, eight are accessible by train, within 15-60 minutes from Leeuwarden. Students who frequently travel around the country often choose to get an ‘OV-card’, available online via the ‘NS’, the Dutch Railroads.

Health matters

What if things aren’t going too well or an accident happens? You can seek medical attention by contacting a local doctor via the “Dokterswacht Friesland” via the following phone number: 0900-1127112. If you have an acute emergency and you need a hospital call national emergency services via 112. The Leeuwarden hospital is located on the Henri Dunantweg 2. Should you need psychological assistance contact your programme’s study advisor and he or she will make sure you get the help you want.