Creating a multi-media M&M experience!

How do you effectively market a new educational programme to national and international students? In the past couple of months, six groups of students of Crossmedia communication at the Hanze university for applied sciences tried to tackle just this question.

They were instructed to create a successful marketing campaign using crossmedia techniques, like Facebook, Snapchat, Posters and live events, to promote the BA M&M to national and international prospective students.

On a Wednesday morning we were invited to the Hanze building at Zernike to listen to six 30-minute pitches, in which the students presented their creative ideas. From using Snapchat to allow followers a unique insight in the life of a student on the programme to hosting a multimedia cultural event with food, dance and discussion; the ideas varied widely. Thought-provoking posters on controversial themes, to stimulate a student debate on how to deal with minority issues and a food-sharing event with food for thought in the concept of ‘what will you bring to the table’ put discussion at the core of the campaign. Other groups focused more on the online communication, and created fun quizzes – ‘Which culture are you’ and a multi-level quiz on (cultural) decision making.

The ideas were inspiring and fun. To see one abstract idea (creating events to attract more students to the programme) being transformed by these groups into tangible experiences was really an eye-opener. The students have given us some valuable and useful ideas to create events, and to make a true cross-media platform from this website.