Can you recognise Frisians in Dutch?

Connected to the department of Minorities and Multilingualism is a research group: Multilingual Melodies. This group investigates the melody and intonation of language spoken in the province of Fryslân. At this moment, an experiment is in development that will let us see what kind of information a native Dutch speaker uses to identify a native Frisian speaker in Dutch. In other words: if a Frisian speaks Dutch, how can you tell (s)he’s Frisian?

In this experiment, we use audio fragments. That means that, before we can run the whole experiment, we need to make sure the quality of our audio fragments is good. To do this, we need people to judge those fragments. Do they sound nice? Do they sound natural? Do they sound Dutch? Or Frisian? In short: Do they work?

Do you feel like helping us out and being judgmental in the process? 😉 Then please fill out the questionnaire on our website!

By: Amber Nota