After your studies

After graduation you are well prepared for an international career. Thanks to your knowledge of minority languages, language politics and multilingualism and your high-level academic skills, you can work in (inter-)national (governmental) organisations, (inter-)national business communities, cultural organisations, non-profit organisations, the media and government.

Most students will continue their studies with an MA, for example in Multilingualism, Applied Linguistics or Euroculture. With a specialisation in Frisian language and culture you are eligible to enter the Teacher training master programme in Frisian.

The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum and diverse specializations gives you ample opportunity to find out what topics interest you most and what areas of employment you wish to explore. As an Multilingualism graduate, you will gain competency in a broad range of transferable skills which will diversify your career prospects and set you apart from other job candidates.

Are you interested in some real-life stories of our graduated students? Take a look at our alumni page.

Language teacher

Depending on your specialisation you may qualify to become a teacher of a minority language (for instance in Frisian).


Students may use their language skills to become a translator.


Students interested in journalism may consider using their language proficiency and knowledge of political and cultural affairs to work as correspondents or reporters for national or international media outlets.

Diversity manager

As a graduate, you have gained competency in a broad range of transferable skills in the field of language, culture, politics and minorities. This makes you an asset to public organisations.

Policy maker

A policy maker develops and evaluates a policy and may assist in the execution of the policy.


After your bachelor’s, you can obtain a master’s degree and choose to enroll in a PhD program in the Netherlands or abroad.

Communication expert

As a communication expert in the field of intercultural communication you advise national and international organizations on efficient and effective communication.

Diverse jobs

Students who follow the Frisian track can carry out various functions in Friesland after graduation. Think of a job with the provincial government or medium-sized cultural institutions, such as Tresoar, Afûk, Frisian Museum and Omrop Fryslân.