We are the student association of minorities & multilingualism. Founded in 2014, we are the brand-new association for all M&M students. Within its 1-year existence, we have already managed to create a true M&M student community by welcoming new students to the programme and hosting fun activities and drink nights. Our goal is to keep brainstorming together with the students about what they think is important within the programme and during their days as students at Groningen University.

Who is Multi?

Even though M&M is not a big programme it is still important to have a student association to bring students in touch with each other through organising fun events relevant to our programme. In the future we hope to play a supporting role in creating a well-rounded and fun student and study environment by offering students a learning environment combining all years, thus enabling students to get in touch with other years of the program.
Because both the programme and the association are fairly new there is still a good amount of room for improvement so the students are always welcome to make contributions and share their ideas, which they already do!

Let us introduce ourselves. Hi, we are the board of Multi, consisting of Nikki Beerepoot (president), Sarah Leijzer (treasurer) and Iris van der Burch (secretary).  Multi was founded in 2015 to contribute to the student experience with a study association. We hope to grow along with the program and create opportunities for Dutch and international students to be active outside of the program.

What do we do?

The coming years we will continue to help welcome new students so that they may feel at home quickly in the programme. During the year we host events for M&M students, visiting international students, but also for the lecturers who will definitely be a part of these events as well. Events are things such as afternoon drinks, guest lectures, parties, or just sharing a nice dinner together.

In the new year we hope to create a clearer image of the supporting role Multi will fulfil with regards to internships and going abroad in the third year, but also pertaining to possible career opportunities in the future.

The cost of a Multi membership is €10,- per year.

Should you have any questions or suggestions you can reach us at the following email address: Secretary.Multi@gmail.com