Multi Game Night: Among Us!

On the 20th January we will be having another games night, this time we'll be playing the online game 'Among us'! Among Us has the same premise as the party game 'wink murderer', it's about discovering the player who is cheating and sabotaging the rest of the crew and expelling them before they 'kill' the others. To play…

RUG Online Bachelor’s week

Are you interested in how you can manage diversity; of cultures and languages? How minorities shape social development? Whether the discussion on inclusion and diversity ask for new leadership skills? Sign up for the RUG's Online Bachelor's Week from the 25th to 29th January 2021 and learn more about Minorities & Multilingualism! During the…

Enrolment Webclass Minorities & Multilingualism opens

This web class provides a great insight into the central concepts of the Minorities & Multilingualism program by making you aware of the processes of selfing and othering, and offers a small research project on language learning. In the final week, you will combine your knowledge and show that language and identity often go hand-in-hand.…

Multi: Homecoming Day

On the 28th January there will be A Homecoming day to celebrate the third years finishing their minors. It is an opportunity to discuss experiences studying abroad and doing minors at the RUG. This event is also there to discuss relevant and important information about the final term of our Bachelor, although this aspect of the day is organised by the…

Multi’s Valentine’s day Speeddating with MESA and Gerardus van der Leeuw


On Monday 15th February we will be hosting an online Speed dating event with associations MESA and Gerardus van der Leeuw! This is our first collaborative event as the board so we are very excited! This is how the event will work: you will fill out a 'compatibility form' where you can answer questions about…

Coffee and Cookies with dr. Flávio Eiró


On the 25th February between 3-4.30PM, we will be holding our third Coffee & Cookies of the year. This time it will be with Assistant Professor Flávio Eiró! This is a great opportunity for you to ask Flávio anything you would like... well, within reason, and it's a chance for you to get to know…

Student for a Day

Do you want to experience a day in an M&M student's life? Do you want to know what it's like to study M&M? Then save the 23rd of February in your agenda! The sign-up link foar Student for a Day will follow shortly.


During the Webclass, you will be able to follow a month of M&M courses! You will also hand in assignments, be graded and get a good glimpse of what M&M as a programme has to offer. Sign up here:

UG Open Day

On April 14th, the UG will host another Open Day! Haven't you yet decided what you want your bachelor to be? This is your chance to see what M&M has to offer! Read more here