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Congratulations to our MA graduates!

We are so proud of our master students who received their diploma on 29 August 2018! To celebrate this happy occasion, family and friends gathered at the graduation ceremony in the Provincial House in Leeuwarden, where the lecturers gave a personal speech about each of the students. The main message was that these top-notch students…

Poster lecture Vicent Partal (1)

The Catalan quest for independence: beyond the headlines

We’re starting the new academic year with an opening lecture from award-winning journalist Vicent Partal. Partal is the director of VilaWeb, the most important digital newspaper in Catalan, and he wrote several books about the political situation in Catalonia. In this lecture, Partal will give a unique insight in the Catalan quest for independence and…

Flama canigo

Catalan fire in Hamburg 

“Wer’t wy op ‘e wrâld ek binne, oer ús skynt deselde sinne” The summer solstice – the longest day of the year – marks the beginning of summer and is traditionally celebrated by many people. In Catalonia, this event coincides with the Feast of Sant Joan on the 23rd of June, which is celebrated throughout…

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Are you interested in studying minority cultures and multilingualism? Whether you are just starting your research, applying, or have already been accepted, this is the place to start.


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Our graduates understand the complexity of the contemporary world. Uniquely interdisciplinary, our programme integrates knowledge across areas such as culture, language, history, politics, sociology and anthropology. Out of the classroom, in-depth immersion experiences engage students in learning hands-on and in the field. Moreover, by graduation, many of our students display superior-level proficiency in at least one language other than English.

The interdisciplinary knowledge, intercultural fluency, and superior language ability that our students acquire make them invaluable to business and social-impact endeavors that span regions and industries. A degree adds to a diversity manager’s ability to negotiate across dividing lines and navigate cultural differences. Ultimately, the degree drives the success of our alumni in life after university.

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The University of Groningen provides countless opportunities to meet new people, listen to distinguished lecturers, nourish your talents and become involved with the community and various student organizations while living in one of the most exciting cities in the nation.

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