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Minority Languages in Social Media

On December 22th, students from the master Multilingualism presented their posters based on their original language research. Among the subjects they presented were: linguistic landscaping, sign language and religion, language attitudes towards Frisian but also towards other minority languages, language in education, and many more topics. Minority Languages in Social Media One of the MA students,…

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Interview with singer-songwriter Marlene Bakker

Marlene Bakker sings in Gronings, the dialect spoken in the Dutch province of Groningen.  We had a chat with her and talked about what this minority language means to her and how it affects her music. Hi Marlene! Who are you? My name is Marlene Bakker, I am a singer/songwriter. About 7 years ago I…


Catalonia: nearby, but far away

Catalonia: nearby, but far away The event ‘Catalonia Nearby’ was a great success! In an attempt to provide more information about the Catalan situation, the referendum and the events leading up to it, the European Bureau for Small Languages (EBLT), Mercator European Research Centre and University of Groningen, department of Minorities & Multilingualism | Frysk…

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